PreLiminary Information On Hanks’ Coming Attractions!

In collaboration with Susan James, I’ve decided to offer
some preliminary information on my next 2 books. The
first of these is a prequel of sorts to The Millionaire

For those who have read The Millionaire Maverick (by
Susan James) you might be interested to know, that I used
the same methods to bring about successful results, which
now also have created the stories contained within the
below mentioned books.

Thanks For Being A Reader!
Hank Ramsan, The Millionaire Maverick

Hank Ramsan
I Love My Car
(Because Josy Made Love To Me In It….)

How Hank Got Josy Back

Hank Ramsan, Paperback Writer
(Nothing Is To Good To Be True)

An Excerpt from Hank Ramsan…I Love My Car
(by Hank Ramsan, The Millionaire Maverick)

There’s nothing sexier than having the one you love, drive
your car. And Jocy was driving mine, it was brand new.
We were driving 90 minutes away, down scenic country
roads, with furniture shopping as Jocy’s intention for the

We were laughing lots. Laughing easily was one of the
many great things we did together.
She’s really funny. She makes fun of me……and it makes
me laugh.

Beauty, Brains, Wit……Pure Sexiness defined for this
blonde haired boy. There’s nothing sexier or more
intimate than laughing with the one who makes your
world feel exciting each moment you are together.

Put all of that, inside the small warm confines of an
automobile. What do you have?

End Excerpt Hank Ramsan, I Love My Car
(by Hank Ramsan)

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